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To reduce the occurence of, and empower those affected by, brain injuries.

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Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association has a wealth of information to offer brain injury survivors and their families..including general information about brain injuries and issues related to the adjustments that often need to be made throughout the brain injury survivor's recovery. We provide referrals to qualified services, and can assist individuals to apply for things such as insurance, housing, and transportation.



Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association works to increase awareness of the "silent epidemic" of brain injury. This includes presentations in the community and implementation of programs that address brain injury prevention. 




Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association is committed to supporting brain injury survivors throughout their journey of recovery. This component involves formulating solutions and advocatng for the brain injury survivor in any which way we can.

Picture1.jpgOver the past few years, attention focused on the impact of concussions and brain injury in the NFL and other contact sports.  Attention has turned to youth sports, and several states have begun to debate the issues.  Tennessee has enacted a new law that requires coaches to remove any athlete from competition who shows signs of concussion.  This law promotes education about the symptoms of head injury and concussion, and establishes policy in regards to return to play.  This applies to all public and private schools as well as to any recreational league for children under age 18.

CABIA was pleased to present Chris Nowinski, past sports and entertainment figure,  author, activist, who spoke at the fundraiser  on March 27, 2014.  Nowinski was an inspiring speaker and the event was enjoyed by many. 



The Many Faces of Brain Injury.



Elks Lodge # 91 and Southern Souls MC

had an exciting fun filled event

to raise awareness and funds for brain injured children.


They raised money in the Rally Across America for Brain Injured Children. 

These two wonderful groups worked together to help the children in our community through the Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Assocation.